Quick Quickie 15 (2003)

Same basic design parameters but on a much smaller scale having G-10 frames and utilising the OS15 CV-A engine.  Available with two starting options, top start for 'normal' starters and also a 'pull' start, the latter due to the fact the engine was primarily fitted to cars which invariably, by this date, utilised a 'pull' start.

Available in two version; the De-luxe with Carbon frames, full metal rotor head with thrust bearings plus autorotation and the Standard with G-10 Fibreglass frames, non-anodised head with plastic blade holders and NO autorotation.

  Plus Toki 18 motor

Whilst information prior to production was regarding a 15 size engine, the actual sales 'blurb' from summer 2003 quoted the model as a Quickie 18 and it was of a slightly lower specification with the Carbon boom QT154C, Finishing Caps HHIM11103, Base Loaded Antenna HHI5300, Receiver strong box HHI2200, Battery Strap HHI55, Carbon Landing Gear HHI4011B and Fin Set QT174C being optional extras.  

Quickie 15 build manual  -  Detailed manual with photo assembly; despite being marketed as an 18?

Quickie 15 parts - General spare parts listing for 2003.

For 2005 the De-luxe version was dropped from the range and the Standard was renamed 'Sport' so as to bring the model naming inline with the rest of the range; additionally, for price listing purposed the 'Quickie' reference was dropped and it was just called the Quick 18 which aligned with the rest of the glow engines models at that time.

Despite the name change, by September 2005 the Quickie 18 had been dropped from the price list but was to return after year though only listed as the Sport version.  May 2008 saw the Quickie 18 dropped from the web site but was still being listed in the price list.


Quick Quarter Quick 25 (2006)


For 2006 the Quickie 18 was revised with new frames, motor mount, one starting clutch and autorotation to accommodate a larger '25' size aero engine. It was available in two versions but this time they were the 'Pro' and the 'MetalHead' models being sold for $325 and $375 respectively; again an upgrade kit to convert a Quickie 18 was also available at $120. 

w/ Canopy 40.5in
w/o Canopy 35.5in
Full Equipped Weight
30 size
.25 FX Airplane Motor
Frame Thickness
Head Speed
1600-2000 rpm

In 2008, though not replaced by any of the newest Bat models, the Quarter Quick was no longer actively advertised though remained on the web site and in the general price listing.