Radio Controlled Helicopters

Since the first commercially produced helicopter (Schlüter Cobra) as of 2010 there have been hundreds of companies involved in RC helicopters and the total number of helicopter models is in the thousands and climbing every year.

This web site is primarily for pre 2000 makes and models though there are post 2000 article's generally on electric helicopters.

Main focus is currently looking at the 70's and 80's and as I fill in the gaps the focus will move up through the years.

In order to guide the reader though this vast number I have provided search methods accessed by the list on the left.

1.  Manufacturer  Distributor of commercially marketed helicopters in alphabetical order.

2.  Own Designs for models either marketed through plans or supplied directly from the individual or model shop.

3.  Country with listing in chronological order regarding date for first commercial production of a RC helicopter.

4.  Autogyro being in many ways the 'genesis' for helicopters.

5.  Personalities of significant impact on RC helicopter development.

Note that only makes and models actually in the site are included in the lists;

If it is not here its because I have not uploaded anything regarding that model at the moment.

This website is a 'work in progress' and thus some areas are not as well populated with information as others however,
I would be grateful for any 'copy' you may have that I do not; electronic would be excellent but if not I can scan it myself. 


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