Quick 50 (2002)

Whilst having a 60 size model and a 30 size model; the reintroduction of the OS 50 Engine had spawned a 'new' helicopter size and these '50' size models had proved to be capable of the best of both worlds i.e. the stability and presence of a 60 with reduced size and operating cost nearer a 30.

The basic design was also updated with a driven tail allowing greater control during autorotation given that, for competition work, full four axis control was required to carry out the autorotation manoeuvres.   

Available in two version;

Pro - Carbon frames, boom supports and aluminium blade grips, anti-rotation guide and trays.

Sport - Black G-10 frames, composite blade grips, anti-rotation guide and boom supports with composite/brass insert trays.  

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Quick 50 build manual  -  2003 detailed manual with photo assembly for both Pro and Sport models.

Quick 50 manual V2  -  2005 updated detailed manual with photo assembly.

2006 model.


Quick 50 V2 (2007)


By 2007 the Quick 50 was out of date compared to the 50 size models then available; the model was therefore given a revamp in order to use the more powerful 50 size motors plus the general upgrades available for the whole Quick range.


bullet QK50S - Sport - Standard Sport kit - $299
bullet QKC07 - Sport - Sport Kit with Muffler, Motor and Main blades - $749
bullet QK50P - Pro - Standard Pro carbon Kit - $399
bullet QKC08 - Pro - Pro Kit with Muffler, Motor and Main blades - $849

The helicopter was also available with optional CNC tail upgrades and ADS shaft drive system

43.75 in w/o canopy
17.75 inches
Full Equipped Weight
7.5 lb (3.4 kg)
OS 50 - 70
Quick 580 - 600 mm
Tail Blades
95 mm
Frame Thickness
2 - 2.2 mm
Head Speed
1650 - 1950
11 or 12 tooth
8 mm
10 mm
Beginner to 3D

Difference between Sport and Pro versions;




 Frames  G-10 Fibreglass  Carbon Fibre
 Head  Siler anodized - Plastic blade holders  Full metal with thrust bearings
 Autorotation  Yes - Plastic Hub  Yes Metal Hub
 Boom Supports  Fibreglass  Carbon

Though updated the model was to be given a full redesign to come out in 2008 as the Bat 50 however, the Quick 50 remained on the web site until removed in May 2008, though still stayed in the general price list.