X-Cell Pro Graphite 2K




  Over-All Length   54.5" (1384.3mm)
  Over-All Height   16.75" (425mm)
 Main Rotor Dia  60.6" (1540mm)
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   9.45" (240mm)
  Total Weight   Approx. 10 Pounds
 Gear Ratio   9.3:1:5.2
 Engine  61 Cu. In.
 Standard Blades.  690.0mm
 Collective Pitch Range -20 + 23 Degrees


Ball Bearings.........62
Thrust Bearings.......5
Needle Bearings......1



Explosion view:  



The XL-Pro Graphite is proven to be a world-class competition FAI helicopter. Top pilot Cliff Hiatt chose the XL-Pro for his participation in the 1995-96 World Championships held in Japan, winning him the First Place World Championship Title. Results like this along with many other top contest wins worldwide are made possible because of multiple test flights and practice time, which have been logged on the XL-Pro mechanics. This ensures to our XL-Pro customers the highest possible trouble-free mechanics available. That's why the X-Cell line of helicopters continue to be found in the winner's circle!

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Stacked 4-Piece Graphite Main Frames.
New External Frame Stiffeners with Gyro Located Directly Under The Mainshaft.
All Moving Parts Ball-Bearing Supported.
Molded Fuel Tank With Rubber Shock Mounts.
Machined Fuel Fittings.
2 oz. Auxiliary Fuel Tank and Mount.
C.N.C. Aluminum Fan with Dual Collet System.
Dampened Self-Aligning Clutch System.
New One-Piece Clutch Bearing Block with Triple Bearing Support.
New Clutch Bell With Hardened Threaded Pinion Gear and Larger Support Bearings.
Upright Spinner Starting Cone.
New Split Gear Constant Drive Autorotation Unit With "Sprag" Type One Way Clutch.
100% Machined Teflon Impregnated Delrin Gears.
9.3 to 1 Main-Gear Ratio.
Front Tail-Rotor Drive Support Bearing.
C.N.C. Aluminum Elevator Bellcrank Slider.
Upper Thrust Bearing Main-Shaft Block.
Ball-Bearing C.N.C. Aluminum Swashplate Anti-Rotation.
Threaded Steel Control Balls.
New Improved Washout Links.
C.N.C. Ball-Bearing Aluminum Washout Arms and Hub.
Stainless Steel Flybar.
690mm Main Rotor Blades.
Extended Pitch Range.
Fully Shielded Ball Bearings.
Expanded Dampening Range.
Thrust Bearings On Main Head Axle.
C.N.C. Machined Aluminum Pro II Rotor Head.
New Pro II Variable Weight Flybar Paddles.
Hard Steel-Rolled Threaded Control Rods.
360-Degree Center Support Blade Axle.
Adjustable Bell Mixers w/ Heavy Duty Pitch Arms.
Adjustable Ratio C.N.C. Machined Flybar Control Arms.

New Ball-Bearing Spiral Counter Wound T/R Drive shaft.
Dual Carbon-Fiber Boom Braces.
Rear-Mounted T/R Servo.
Lightweight Carbon Fiber T/R Control Rod With Teflon Sleeved Guides.
New Horizontal Fin Clamp Utilizing Wider Grip For Boom Braces.
New C.N.C. Aluminum Tail Rotor Gear Box Housing.
New C.N.C. Aluminum Tail Rotor Blade Grips.
Precision Ground Steel T/R Gears.
Center less Ground Output Shaft.
Lightweight Gel-Coated Carbon Fiber 
Tail Fins.
New T/R Pitch Mechanism Featuring:

- Dual Ball-Bearing At Every Mounting Point
- Transmission Brace
- Geometry Optimized For Maximum Tail Control During Severe Use
- Zero Wear Points
- C.N.C. Components
- 10 Ball Bearings

New C.N.C. Stainless Steel Rigid Tail Hub.
Dual Thrust-Bearing Tail-Blade Mounts.
New Design Carbon-Fiber Tail Blades Optimized For Heading Hold Gyros.

X-Cell Pro Graphite (1994) Mod.1006


Optional Features for XCell Pro2K

part number description details
0232 High Speed Tail Drive Front Gear Replaces #0231 16tooth bevel gear
0533 Easy Off Flybar Weights Do not require flybar paddle removal
0537 Pro Wash-Out Mixer Arm Kit  
0538 Pro Adjustable Bell Mixers Five mixing ratios
0547 Speed Up T/R Gears Requires Use of lightweight T/R blades
0561 Pro Adjustable CG Paddles 15-30gm variable weight using brass inserts
0561-5 Pro-2 FAI Paddles variable 24-45gm. CG corrected
0597 Machined Bearing Spacer kit for Plastic Bellcranks  
0817 Ball Bearing Push-Pull Elevator Rod  
0818 Rudder Graphite Rear Servo Mount  
0820 Machined Lower Frame Landing Gear Plates  
0823 Machined Upper Thrust Bearing Block with Anti-Rotation  
0846 Stainless Steel Head Axle  
0883 Linear Servo Link Kit (Order #0883 for JR and #0883-1 for Futaba Servos)