ARK 400 (2005)

Original designer of the T-rex who moved onto this company and thus the first model was very similar to the T-rex 450 though incorporating many metal parts so not as 'flexible'.  This model was also distributed by others, Heli-max as the MX 400 and Helivol as the Interceptor 400 (Interceptor build guide - Ark 400 but better quality).

Ark 400 build manual - Full manual, drawings and parts list.

My ARK 400

 With T-rex canopy

Purchase in Nov 07 as a much reduced 'end of line' sale complete with everything but servo's.  OK and very sporty; a sort of cross between a Zoom and a T-rex 450 but due to canopy size could only fit a small (1500mAh) battery.  However, in May 08 I had a slight 'whoops' and caught the tail assembly breaking a number of tail pieces.  Unfortunately I could not find anyone who sold the spares so repaired with old version T-Rex 450 parts including a swash plate as one of the threads for the ball screws had pulled out.  Additionally I converted it to take a T-rex 450 canopy in order to allow the use of a 2200mAh battery giving flight times of 7 minutes plus.

By 2011 the tracking would not stay in line and no amount of adjustment would keep it set correctly.  eventually found it was because of using spacers with the SAB blades.  Change the blade holders and spindle for T-rex items and shimmed the spindle as it was slightly too long for the ark head; tracking now near perfect....