MIA (Mario I Arguello) 

In 1985, Mario established MIA (Mario I Arguello) Designs in Mesa, Arizona-USA  which was to later become better known as MIA Micro-FLIGHT; this was in order to realize his vision for a micro electric helicopter.
At that time it was only a dream given the level of technology then available however, with the pace of advancement in electronics; not an impossible dream. For instance, 1980 saw the introduction of the
Skylark EH-1 a very heavy 'standard' size electric models but only five years later (1985), Aisonic brought out their EH-550 'mini' electric helicopter; so, what would another five years bring...???

In order to develop the technology to miniaturise a model helicopter MIA had to develop be creative and search for alternatives to the traditional electric helicopter designs.  Initially, MIA started with simple experiments and prototypes made with readily available off-the-shelf inexpensive materials and components, combined with various equipment options to produce a very flexible product.  MIA's first micro helicopters being rubber powered model but by the early 1990's MIA had moved into development of Radio controlled micro helicopters.

MIA was a one man company and he carried out all the engineering, product design, development and manufacturing in order to provide basic micro helicopter kits, customized kits plus partial or complete ready to fly systems to suit customer's needs.

MIA though put an additional aspect into his designs; art.  Mario believed that art and engineering should go hand-in-hand so that not only would his kits be of a high engineering standard; as well as functional, they would also look good.

  Rubber power  electric free flight  Infa red control  Radio control

Helicopter_History - Mario's personal notes of his first days up to the Robin 280 plus details on the pre-RC models he designed and manufactured.

MIA Timeline

1999 - Robin 280
2001 - House Fly (DIY)
2002 - H-300 (House Fly) / Falcon / Palm Size
2003 - Bumble Bee / Designer
2005 - Mosca
2006 - Finger Size
2008 - Phantom
2008 - Conversions

2001 Robin 300 (to confirm)

As can be seen from the timeline MIA was in the forefront of small helicopter design and when the market expanded took the lead in providing upgrades for other manufacturers helicopters.  MIA as of 2013 is still active and has additionally moved into Autogyros...!!!