WIK (Rowan)


WIK was founden by Wilfried Klinger in the early 1960 in 75438 Knittlingen Germany, manufacturing and distributing flying modells.
In the 60 and 70 years, WIK was a well known company in RC-modelling.
Wilfried Klinger was born 3.01.1924, and was a studied mechanical engineer. In the 30 and 40 years he build different models.

With 16 years, he got the glyder pilot's license and was a fighter pilot in WWII.

In 1956 and 1958 he was Class N3 german champion.
He had a good start with his company manufacturing the biplanes Olympic and Chéri.
Wik was a pioneer in making full glass fibre reinforced models.
Wilfried passed away in 1985.

Since 1992 successor was Extron, Knittlingen, managed by his son in law.
In 2013 it's overtaken by Pichler Modellbau in lower bavaria / germany.



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