LM - Lite Machines Corporation

LM brought out an unusual helicopter in 1994 called the LM-100.  Though four function it was powered by a small Cox 0.51 size engine which had very little in the way of silencing so was quite noisy for such a small helicopter.  It was fixed pitch with plastic flapping blades but the most unusual feature was the gyro stabilised tail rotor.  This was called the Arlton Gyro and had a small stabilizing rotor controlling the pitch of the tail rotor in a similar way to the flybar controlling the main rotor.  As a historic note this was a similar system to that used in the early models of John Burkam (Super Suzie) and Gene Rock(S.S.P.). 

As the engine was specific to the helicopter and buyers would have been unlikely to have one already, the majority of sales were for the 'combo' version that included everything but the radio gear.