LMH 100 (1994)

LM brought out an unusual helicopter in 1994 called the LM-100.  Though four function it was powered by a small Cox 0.51 size engine which had very little in the way of silencing so was quite noisy for such a small helicopter.  It was fixed pitch with plastic flapping blades but the most unusual feature was the gyro stabilised tail rotor.  This was called the Arlton Gyro and had a small stabilizing rotor controlling the pitch of the tail rotor in a similar way to the flybar controlling the main rotor.  As a historic note this was a similar system to that used in the early models of John Burkam (Super Suzie) and Gene Rock (S.S.P.). 

As the engine was specific to the helicopter and buyers would have been unlikely to have one already, the majority of sales were for the 'combo' version that included everything but the radio gear.

LMH-100 review
- Full build and flying review (unknown author)

Full specifications

Main rotor diameter: 24in (610 mm)
Main rotor control type: Bell/Hiller with dual mix ratios
Main rotor blade pitch adjustment: Pre moulded interchangeable blade grips
Main rotor blade type: Flexible-twisted-tapered-three high lift airfoils
Main rotor blade suspension: Dual flapping no damping full flapping And lead/lag hinges-blades foldable about horizontal and vertical axes
Main rotor shaft material: High strength spring steel
Main rotor max speed: 2000 rpm
Engine type: Cox TD0.51H (With slide-valve throttle)
Engine displacement: .051 cubic inches
Engine main bearing Bronze bushing
Engine cooling system: Passive (no fan required)
Engine/main rotor speed ratio: 11.3 to1
Clutch type: Centrifugal-one piece shoes
Tail rotor diameter: 7.5 in (191 mm)
Tail rotor blade type: Variable pitch-flexible-twisted-tapered
Tail rotor drive type Spring steel shaft with dual bevel gears
Tail rotor/main rotor speed ratio: 2.1 to 1
Fuselage length: 26.4 in (663 mm)
Height-ground to top of main rotor: 9.5 in (241 mm)
Weight-no fuel: 26 oz (738 grams) approx
Disc Loading 0.058 oz/Sq in (0.253 gram/Sq cm)


Technical Bulletin 01 - Feb 1995 - Cox Globee glow plug maintenance.

Technical Bulletin 02 - Mar 1995 - Effect of low battery voltage on glow plug.

Technical Bulletin 03 - Jul 1995 - Effects of pitch of main blades on performance.

Technical Bulletin 04 - May 1996 - effect of CA glue on canopy material.

Historic review of the initial helicopter development by Paul Arlton.

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