eRCmarket DYNA-X



 Over-All Length   
 Over-All Height   450 mm
 Main Rotor Dia   1490-1530 mm
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   300 mm
 Total Weight   4300 g
 Gear Ratio  
 Engine   15 ccm (0.91 cc)


Dyna-X was designed around Robbe Millenium mechanics. Designed, Produced in Germany from Albert Fruth . Made from proper Aluminium 6061

Main idea is to combine Genuine Robbe mechanics, with improved 2 pieces frames (Same idea as the Futura SE). In frame Specially designed Aluminum X- components,
which together create a extremely strong and lightweight structure and very light Helicopter.

Rigid and Lightweight engine mount with Central support unit, Aluminum servo rockers and Landing gear plates are just a few of the advantages of Dyna-X. This helicopter designed for both F3D and FAI . Built around 90 size engine, without further  need of upgrading or changing components.

All components are designed with an emphasis on function and durability, not on economic production. This machine is very smooth, light and the strongest on the market.

Since Dyna-X was designed to work with Robbe mechanics, it will accept most of Robbe upgrades.

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