AMD (Aero Model Designs)

AMD (Chinese company) was established in 1994 and started with the Power Scale Sailplanes (PSS) before progressing to helicopters in 2003.  The company was taken over by Dinball Ltd in 2006 and the AMD range came to a close.  Note that Dinball electronic web store is the well known name of


Prototype was release in 2002 and was noted in the 2003 model show review above; although photo detail is not really too good, it does appear to have a Flybarless head??

Cybercopter CY-01


Sales shot showing the production flybar type head.  Quite up market at the time using Glass Fibre mouldings for the frame and other body parts including flybar paddles, tail blades etc.  Unfortunately it was a little heavy having substantial 'metal' construction and a large brushed motor.  Batteries of the day would have been Nimh and again relatively heavy so flight duration would not have been particularly long.  Was supplied in ARF format with a dedicated Aluminium carrying case.

Full Description as per the later brochure details for the CY-04.

Cybercopter CY-02

Hughes 300 body for use with the CY-01 base model.

Cybercopter CY-03 (2003)


Cyber-Kupter fibreglass body for use with base model.

Cybercopter CY-04 (2004)

This was the 'kit' version of the ready built CY-01 being supplied without canopy and the manual updated for inclusion of Li-po batteries.  Came in a multicolour 'gift' box as the sales blurb of the day informs.


Cybercopter CY-04  -  detailed description reference the above photo's (literal translation though makes interesting deciphering); comments of CY-06 but details are CY-04.

Cybercopter CY-04 manual  -  Build manual

Cybercopter CY-05 JetRanger

Not 100% certain but indication are that it was a JetRanger body with CY-04 mechanics.

Cybercopter CY-06

Launched at the Beijing show of 2004, the CY-06 was an updated version of the CY-04 featuring a revised head layout and extended main shaft and linkages so as to give increased pitch range for 3D flying.  Tail assembly gears changed to delrin with a redesigned pitch change system plus 'plastic' landing gear to absorb those slightly heavy landings without bending which the previous aluminium gear was prone to do.


Cybercopter CY-06 Hughes 300 also came in three kit variants; CY-061 with Silver head, CY-062 with Red head and CY063 with Blue head.

Hughes 300 body fitting instructions

Cybercopter Upgrades

Additionally an upgraded 'brushless' motor could be fitted, a full 'electronics' pack was available and various body parts came in alternative colours.

Cybercopter CY-07

This was the full option pre-assembled version of the CY-06 with Hughes 300 body, blue head, brushless motor, FG blades, Li-po battery and all radio gear included except for Rx and Tx.

Cybercopter CY-01 upgrade

A semi-scale 'pod' was also available with the later version CY-06 base mechanics keeping the original CY-01 designation.

Cybercopter CY-08 JetRanger


Final version was the model CY-08 JetRanger and came with the same specifications as the CY-07.

CY-09B   CY-09G

Spare JetRanger bodies in alternative colour variations were also available for retrofitting to other versions the above designated CY-09B for Blue and CY-09G for Green.

Cybercopter MH-01

My Cybercopter

Marketed by 'Model Flying' and appears to be a CY-04 with the extended head as per CY-06 but without the head upgrades.  Indications are that this was the 'export' version and the manual supplied for my MH-1 shows the UK importer to be Internet Model Shop (UK) Ltd.  The instruction manual is basically the same as the CY-04 however the front page does show different colour frames and skids implying that various options for colour were available.  Additionally the model was also upgraded with slightly larger rotor blades and now recommendations given for Lipo operation and GWS type gyro.

Spares selection highlighting design features of early version and CY-06 upgrade model.


New Cybercopter

Developed in 2005 and a much upgraded model with considerably lighter construction and utilising a belt driven tail with a very similar fuselage layout to the 'Zoom' of the same period.  Same overall dimension but recommending the use of 3 cell 1800 mAh Li-po battery and a 30 Amp ESC.  Indications are that this model was developed in conjunction with Robbe of Germany and was marketed in Europe under the 'Robbe' trade name as the Crown III.

Second version of the New Cybercopter with changed body parts in order to fit larger batteries and also black parts instead of the first versions translucent parts.

The company was bought out in 2006 and AMD ceased trading however it would appear that the Cybercopter was marked by Houston Model MFG Co for at least a short while.  No other information on this company other than a set of Cybercopter instructions with their details in place of AMD's.