Heli-Max Joe William Richardson

The Heli-Max range was initially distributed by "great Planes" of Illinois and was basically, re-badged versions of other far east manufacturers products.  Started off in 2004 with a Picollo 'clone' called the Rotofly which had a semi scale body of the Hughes 300 and came complete with 'Futaba' re-badged radio equipment.  Following this they distributed a 400 size helicopter that was manufactured by ARK being their Ark X400 to which Heli-Max just added the prefix M to give MX 400.


Heli-Max Timeline

Below is a list of introduction dates for Heli-Max helicopters and 'major' upgrades; I have not included minor kit variations, change of body colours etc.

2004 Rotofly
2005 MX 400
2006 MX 450
2007 AXE CP / AXE EZ / Kinetic 50
2008 AXE 400 / AXE CX Micro / AXE CPv3
2009 Comanche CX / Novus CP/FP/CX/AH-1J Sea Cobra
2010 AXE 100 FP/CP / AXE CX Nano / Novus CP/FP-N125/UH1D Huey
2011 AXE 400 3D / AXE CP (2.4 GHz) / Novus 200 FP
2012 1SQ Quadcopter / MD530
2013 1SQ V-cam / 1Si Quadcopter / AXE 100 CX/SS/SSL / Black Hawk / EC145
2014 250Si Quadcopter

Current 2014 range includes all models from 2011 onwards.