Chinese company initially at the cheap end of the market though around 2006 pushed hard to make an impact in the UK market especially with the Walkera 36.  This was basically a poor mans zoom and the quality was not that good.  The '400' can motor it was sold with along with the heavy blades meant that it could barely hover however, with a set of lighter 'Zoom' blades it was OK and with a brushless motor had more than enough power.  Many other models followed on and the quality improved such that by 2010 they had captured a large part of the 'small' end of the market for Contra-Rotation and miniature full function helicopters.

Walkera 36 Parts - Listing of parts and diagrams.

Walkera 36

  • Walkera 36 - Hover RH side
  • Walkera 36 - High Hover

Walkera 60

  • Walkera 60 - 2007-01 - LH side


An upgraded 36 with ECCPM control system.  Built and test hovered plus figure of eights and proved to have reasonable control. 

Review from Dave Day