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Articles from Radio Control magazines both current and no longer in production along with extracts and photo's from other web sites have been used throughout this web site either in their original format or extracts adapted to suit.  Special mention is therefore made in the acknowledgements section of those who have given permission to use copy from magazines / web sites or any other form of media under their control.

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It should be particularly noted that it is the responsibility of individuals to ensure that proper equipment and tools are used, adequate safety precautions are taken, and that sufficient experience is available to undertake any task associated with Radio Controlled Helicopters.  It is the personal responsibility of any individual to ensure that R/C Helicopters are constructed and operated in accordance with manufacturers instructions, national guidelines which are the representative authority of each country.  It is 'Strongly' recommended that membership of a local flying club (and national body if applicable) is sought prior to ANY operation of Radio Controlled Aircraft of any type.

End of disclaimer - Klaus Schneider (Mar 2016)


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