Lion Helicat (1992 tbc)

Following on from the shuttle/concept/space Baron formulae of an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) helicopter and imported by MacGregors in the UK.  Generally considered a good initial 'all round' model because it had proved to be capable of most manoeuvres for the type though it did not excel in any one aspect.  Unfortunately, the main 'down side' appeared to be poor manufacturing quality control however, if built by an experienced model who could 'compensate' for any inadequacies then all was well; if not and built 'as is' then it could result in having very poor control due to 'stiff links' etc and also bad reliability.  Not what you would want or expect for a helicopter aimed at the beginners market.  Though generally advertised for 32 size engines, there was an optional motor mount available which allowed the fitting of a 46 size engine; built well with this option then the performance was more than adequate for all sportsman type manoeuvres.  Note that Lion provided there own engine silencers, black for the 32 and silver for the 46; might say 'lion' on the side but they basically were Hirobo 'clones'.

Lion Helicat build manual - Full manual, drawings and parts list.

Lion Helicat review - Magazine build and flying review from 92 Model Helicopter World -

Lion model went out of business shortly after the introduction of the Helicat and the molds and manufacturing rights were bought by Century who developed this base model into the Hawk proving that the design was basically sound and only needing R&D, which Lion Model had not adequately carried out before distributing.  This helicopters have also been sold under the Prafa label.