Precision Helicopters Inc

Kam Wyatt bought out Tech Specialities and from this formed Precision Helicopters Inc (PHI) in 1994. PHI was subsequently sold to Gary Barnett but he quickly sold it on and in 2001 PHI distribution was then undertaken by BK Products of Fayetteville in Georgia, who were already a well distributor of helicopter work stands and accessories. For 2003 PHI (BK) opened up a retail shop with workshop where parts could be purchased and machines repaired etc then later in the year dropped the basic and Pro versions of the Hurricane.  For the next three years things were static for PHI and then Late 2006 the website informed that a 'Storm' was brewing and details to follow; that was the last of the website and it shut down shortly after...!!!

Following this the final information is that PHI was owned by Lee Myers but he suffered a severe illness and as a result the PHI line came to an end.