PHI Hurricane

  • 2002 - Hurricane Pro


 Length  1340 mm
 Rotorhead  .
 Main Rotor Dia  1470 mm
 Height  48 mm
 Engine  .60-.68 , 10ccm
 Full Equipped Weight  3200-3600 g
 Gear  9.3 : 1 : 4.66
 Blades  680mm


PHI Hurricane (199#)

  • Hurricane-01
  • Hurricane-02
  • Hurricane-03

  • hurricane 3D Pro

Update for Oct 2002 saw the basic Hurricane fitted with a rotor head button for easier hand slowing down with list price of $600. 
The basic version of the Hurricane was discontinued in 1993.

PHI Hurricane Pro (199#)

  • 2002 - Hurricane Pro

Update for Oct 2002 saw the Hurricane Pro fitted with CNC Elevator lever and fibreglass canopy with list price of $700. 

The Pro version of the Hurricane was discontinued in 1993.

PHI Hurricane 3D Pro (199#)

  • 3D Pro - 01

 The 3D Pro Hurricane included all of the standard Hurricane features and was available with a machined Delron main gear of either 93 teeth for 60 size engines or 86 teeth for 80-90 size engines. A CNC all metal rotor head with triple bearing blade holders 4mm Flybar plus metal swashplate and mixing arms as well as G-10 stacked frames. All aluminium parts were anodized blue and it had a 16 oz fuel tank tank for good endurance. Tail boom braces were carbon fibre and thick wall material was used for the tail boom to give good rigidity and strength.  Recommended blades size was 660 to 690 mm with 14mm root (maximum).



  • Carbon boom braces with CNC machined aluminium boom brace ends
  • Super tough nylon landing gear struts with aluminium skids
  • 52 high quality bearings total
  • Aircraft grade aluminium and 12L14 steel  +/- 0.001in. tolerance on all machine work
  • Main blades, engine/muffler and radio equipment not included in kit
  • Finishing caps and header tank shown in pictures not included
  • Self aligning steel centrifugal clutch/CNC machined aluminium clutch bell with heavy duty clutch liner
  • Dual ball bearing supported clutch bell and start shaft
  • CNC custom machined fan hub
  • CNC machined aluminium rotor head - floating axle design
  • Triple bearing blade grips with oversize thrust bearings
  • CNC machined aluminium see saw and mixing arms
  • Long 4mm Flybar with lightweight paddles
  • CNC machined aluminium washout and mixing arms
  • CNC machined aluminium swash plate
  • Anti-rotation unit and start cone come standard
  • G10 stacked main frame set with CNC machined aluminium spacers
  • CNC machined aluminium main shaft bearing blocks including main shaft thrust bearing
  • Forward fuel tank/rear-facing engine cylinder for easy glow plug access
  • CNC machined Delrin main gear with lightening holes (93 tooth standard, 86 tooth optional)
  • Aluminium horizontal and vertical servo trays, gyro tray, and radio equipment floor
  • Optional front mount location for tail rotor servo (scale fuselage application)
  • All machined aluminium bellcranks fully ball  raced
  • Triple bearing CNC machined aluminium autorotation hub
  • Rear G10 tail rotor servo mount/direct no-slop linkage
  • Kevlar-reinforced belt drive tail rotor
  • Steel tail rotor front transmission gear with dual ball bearing supported shaft
  • CNC machined aluminium tail rotor gear box and pulley
  • Dual bearing tail rotor washout assembly
  • CNC machined steel tail rotor hub
  • Triple bearing tail blade grips with thrust bearing

The YS range of engines could also be fitted which required a separate adaptor and some modification to the fan as the engine sat higher than other makes.

Hurricane 3D Pro replacement parts list  -  Hardware list

  • 2001-01-Hurricane_3D_Pro_article_photo
  • 3D Pro - 01
  • 3D Pro - 02
  • 3D Pro - 03
  • 3D Pro - 04
  • 3D Pro Left Mechancics
  • 3D Pro Right mechanics
  • 3D Pro Rotor head
  • 3D Pro Servo area
  • 3D Pro Swashplate
  • 3D Pro Tail
  • 3D Pro elite inverted

  PHI Hurricane 3D Pro build and flying article by James Wang from January 2001 MHW.

Parts and construction drawings. 

Chapter 1 Engine Fan and Clutch Assembly
  • Chapter1
Chapter 2 Rotor Head and See Saw Assembly
  • Chapter2
Chapter 3 Main Frame Assembly - View A
  • Chapter3a
Chapter 3 Main Frame Assembly - View B
  • Chapter3b
Chapter 4 Control System Assembly
  • Chapter4
Chapter 5 Fan Shroud, Swashplate, and Washout Assembly/Rotor Head Installation
  • Chapter5
Chapter 6 Tail Rotor Assembly
  • Chapter6
Chapter 7 Tail Boom Assembly - View A
  • Chapter7a
Chapter 7 Tail Boom Assembly - View B
  • Chapter7b
Chapter 8 Radio Installation/Canopy Assembly
  • Chapter8


  • 2001-07-Auto_slipper

 Update for Jul 2011 saw the introduction of an Autorotation slipper clutch unit in order to allow for a driven tail.
  • 2002-Hurricane_3D_Pro
  • 2002 - Tail rotor upgrade

Update for Oct 2002 saw the Hurricane 3D Pro fitted with the tail rotor upgrade, CNC Elevator lever and fibreglass canopy with list price of $750.
For 1993 the 3D Pro was revised and the canopy returned to the Lexan version

PHI Hurricane 3D Pro Elite (199#)

  • Hurricane 3D Pro Elite
The 3D Pro Elite combined all of the features of the Hurricane 3D Pro with CNC elevator lever, fibreglass canopy, CNC tail rotor control upgrade, plus the Elite had 4 bearings to support the main shaft and a slipper clutch unit to control the driven tail during auto-rotations. In addition, the vertical and horizontal fins, were made from either G-10 or carbon fibre. Oct 2002 list price for this model was $850.