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ION (2004) Mod.1024

The Fury Ion-X is X-Cells entry into the electric marketplace.The ION design is based on the Fury Extreme with the power of 90 class nitro
In 2004 the ION made its presence with the ION-X

Model 1024 = Ion-X with Hacker motor and speed control
Model 1024-2 = Ion-X without motor/speed control
Model 1024-6 = Sport version

ION-Instruction Manual


ION X2 (2007) Mod.1024

In 2007 the ION was upgraded to the ION X2
Although the frames and geometry are different between the two models, the easiest way to determine which version you have is to look at the motor drive. On the ION-X the drive pinion is on the motor shaft. On the ION-X2 the pinion is belt driven.