X-Cell 30  Mod.1008




  Over-All Length   43.0" (1092.2mm)
  Over-All Height   16." (418mm)
 Main Rotor Dia   48.75" (1238.25mm)
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   9.4" (238.76mm)
  Total Weight   6.6 Pounds (2.99kg)
 Gear Ratio   9.0:1:4.37
 Engine   32-.38 Cu. In.
 Collective Pitch Range   20 Degrees

Ball Bearings.........39
Thrust Bearings.......2

Documents: Mod.1008 -1989

Nr.0701 - side 1

r.0701 - side 1

decal XCell 30

Documents: Mod.1008 -2000




When the pieces come together, the X-Cell .30 series is the only
choice.  While other .30 size models may be considered, the X-Cell .30 series inevitably 
draws the modeler who is searching for top quality, performance, reliability and VALUE. The X-Cell is ideal for novice through expert, with full aerobatic capability as proven by national wins against all factory teams. 75% percent of its parts come from the X-Cell .60 series. And as always, parts availability is unequaled.
XL .30 MAIN MECHANICS - Features:
New for 2000--- Stacked 4-Piece Metal Main Frames.
New for 2000--- Rubber Shock Mounted Elevator Servo Mount.
Highest Quality Hardware Used Throughout.
Tuf-Strut II Flexible Landing Gear With Center Point Skid Securing.
Injected Molded Servo Tray.
Machined Fuel Fittings.
Unique Self-Aligning Fan And Clutch System.
Upright Spinner Starting.
New for 2000--- Machined Dual Torrington Bearing Auto Hub.
9.0 To 1 Main Gear Ratio (Reversible).
Four-Point Swash Plate Control.
New for 2000---Ball Links On All Cyclic Controls.
Threaded Steel Balls.
New for 2000---17 Ball Bearings Used In the Mechanics.
New for 2000--- 3-D Style Wash-Out Links.
XL .30 MAIN ROTOR SYSTEM - Features:
Pro I Weighted Paddles (Adjustable Weights).
Stainless Steel Fly-Bar.
Hard Steel, Rolled-Threaded Control Rods.
High Strength Fiber Filled Components.
Dual Fly-Bar Control Arms.
C.G. Weighted Symmetrical Main Rotor Blades. (550mm).
for 2000---12 Ball Bearings Used In Main Rotor System.
One-Piece head Axle With Adjustable Dampening. 
Aluminum Tail Boom.
2mm Drive Shaft Wire.
Lightweight Injected Molded Fins.
New For 2000--- Precision Hardened 
Machined Tail Rotor Gears.
Centerless Ground Out Put Shaft.
One-Piece Ball Bearing Blade Mounts.
Fiber-Filled, Low Drag Reflex Airfoil Tail Rotor Blades.
Carbon-Fiber Boom Support.
Dampened Tail Rotor Hub.
New For 2000--- High Strength Tail Rotor Gear Box.
New For 2000--- 10 Ball Bearings Used In Tail System.

Optional Features for X-Cell 30:

part number description details
0232 High Speed Tail Drive Front Gear Replaces #0231 16tooth bevel gear
0446 One Piece Steel T/R Hub Conversion  
0446-0 T/R Holder Triple Bearing Conversion Requires #0446 hub
0508 Ball Bearing Aileron Mixing For Plastic Aileron Servo Cradle
0533 Easy Off Flybar Weights Do not require flybar paddle removal
0534 Autorotation Thrust Bearing Replaces #0211 spacer
0536 Adjustable Roll Bellcranks 2 bellcranks - (Fury requires additional bellcrank - order 1-#0536-1,2-#106-02,1-#0101)
0537 Pro Wash-Out Mixer Arm Kit  
0538 Pro Adjustable Bell Mixers Five mixing ratios
0540 Main Shaft Thrust Bearing Kit  
0546-50 Uni-Ball Dampened Clutch System  
0547 Speed Up T/R Gears Requires Use of lightweight T/R blades
0551 Slipper - Adjustable Drag T/R Drive For non-stepped mainshaft
0556-5 Extended Tail Boom All parts needed to install 2" longer tail boom
0561 Pro Adjustable CG Paddles 15-30gm variable weight using brass inserts
0561-5 Pro-2 FAI Paddles variable 24-45gm. CG corrected
0571 Machined Washout Hub  
0579-1 CNC Machined Aluminum Fan  
0586 Carbon Graphite Frame Set  
0590 Main Rotor Thrust Bearing Kit  
0592 Tail Rotor Thrust Bearing Kit  
0596 Adjustable Roll Servo Control Arm Order 0596F for Futaba and 0596J for JR servos
0597 Machined Bearing Spacer kit for Plastic Bellcranks  
0725 Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit  
0818 Rudder Graphite Rear Servo Mount  
0819 Machined push/pull Elevator Arm  
0823 Machined Upper Thrust Bearing Block with Anti-Rotation  
0825 Machined Elevator Bellcrank Requires #0826
0826 Machined Aluminum Elevator Swingarm  
0832 Heavy Duty Front T/R Transmission kit  
0844 Aluminum Head Block Included in #0848
0846 Stainless Steel Head Axle  
0848 Pro CNC All Metal Rotorhead  
0850 CNC Angled Flybar Control Arm Kit  
0854-1 Machined Aluminum one piece Aileron Servo Cradle  
0859 Machined Pro T/R Bellcrank and Pitch Slider Requires #0422 or #0861 T/R Housing
0860 Aluminum T/R Grips  
0861 Machined Aluminum T/R Gear Box Housing  
0866 Split Gear Constant Drive (Order #0866 - 9:1, #0866-1 - 9.3:1, #0866-2 - 9.5:1)
0883 Linear Servo Link Kit (Order #0883 for JR and #0883-1 for Futaba Servos)

XCell 30 from Andre upgraded with Bergen frames

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