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Model identification is divided into two sections.
1987 to current non-ECCPM models.
2001 to current Fury series ECCPM Models

If your model is a NON-ECCPM model ---> MCCPM

If your model is a ECCPM FURY SERIES model ---> ECCPM

If you don't know which model you have keep reading.


Non-ECCPM:  This is also know as Mechanical Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing (MCCPM). In this method of control, the mixing  of cyclic control and pitch is done mechanically on the helicopter.

ECCPM: Electronic Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing (commonly called just CCPM). In this method of control, the mixing of cyclic control and pitch is done electronically within the transmitter.

For X-Cell helicopters, this can be determined by investigating the swash plate.

MCCPM helis will have 4 balls on the outer ring of the swash plate spaced 90 degrees apart. One of these balls will also either ride in the anti-rotation guide, or be connected to an anti-rotation link. All four balls will be connected to servo links.

ECCPM helis will also have have 4 balls on the outer ring of the swash plate, however the three balls connecting to the servos will be spaced 120 degrees apart. All three servos will operate independent and not be mechanically interconnected.  The fourth ball will ride in an anti-rotation guide and not be connected to a servo.

Spider swash plate:

This swash plate was used on all XCells up to 2001. All Helicopters with the spider swash plate are  MCCPM machines. This swash plate has no provisions for 120 degree linkage.
Fury swash plate::

This swash plate was released with the Fury in 2001. The original versions did not have the cutouts in the outer ring. This swash plate has hole to accommodate either 120 or 90 degree ball spacing. All X-Cell ECCPM models use this swash plate with servo linkage balls set at 120 degrees.  MCCPM models built after 2001 included this swash plate as manufacturing of the spider unit was discontinued. MCCPM units using this swashplate set the 4 ball at 90 degrees.


MCCPM swash setup with spider swashplate.
Note 90 degree spacing on balls.
ECCPM Swashplate setup using Fury swashplate
Note 120 degree ball spacing