Tail Fins:

The original X-Cell tail fins were plastic. Shown are the 30/40/46 size vertical fin and the 60 size plastic tail fins set. The 30/40/46 used the same horizontal fin, 0481, as the 60.  Early versions of the vertical fin (pre 93) had only 4 bolt holes and used a two piece tail gearbox/fin mount. The fin was attached using 4 bolts. The later fin/gearbox mount replaced the two piece unit, and the fin was then mounted with two bolts. The two center holes are used for this installation. The six hole design remained allowing the fin to be installed on either mount.

The plastic fin set was used on:
all 1001 models.
1003 models thru 1998
1004 models thru 1997
All 1005 models
1006 Pro

The plastic 30 size fin 0685 was used with the plastic 0481 horizontal fin on all 1008/1009 30/40 and models and the Model 1010 46 graphite.

The solid graphite fin (0588-1 & 2) was first released only as a replacement fin set. In 1999 the 3D version (0588-5 & 6 was released. The 1003 CT model used a  fiberglass version of the 3D fin set, 0589 & 0589-1.

The white gel coated graphite set 0588-8 & 9 was used on all 1998 and later model 1004 Graphite SE (including the 99 Spec SE).

The 0588-8 vertical fin was used in conjunction with the 0588-10 horizontal fin on the Pro II & Pro2K.

Horizontal Fin Mounts:

The horizontal fin mount used on all modes  has been standard since the beginning through 1998. In 1999, units using dual boom supports converted to the wide boom support mount. The X-Cell 30 still uses the original mount and a single boom support. 

0481/0486 Plastic fin set

30/40/46 Fin

0588-1 & 2 Graphite fin set

0588-5 & 6 Graphite 3D Fin set

Original Horizontal fin mount

Wide boom support mount