X-Cell Upgrades  #08xx

Miniature_Aircraft offers a wide variety of main mechanics upgrades 


 C.N.C. Machined Ball Bearing 
 Pro II Elevator Push-Pull Rod

 One piece C.N.C. machined special push-rod for the
 XL- Pro helicopter
 The ultimate in push-rod technology Heavy duty
 construction incorporating ball bearing pivot points
 Fits between the push-pull arm and the elevator yoke
 Fits XL-Pro or any other XL- Pro fitted with #0828
 and #0825 upgrades.

 C.N.C. Machined X-Cell “SE”
 Push-Pull Elevator Arm

 #0821 XL-Pro and #0822
 X-Cell Graphite .60 C.N.C.   Machined Lower Landing
 Gear Rails
 Replaces stamped rails with aluminum C.N.C. rails
 Rails also have pre-threaded holes for the landing gear

 XL-Pro II Collective System

 C.N.C. machined aluminum collective system for XL-Pro
 All collective loads are equally distributed to both support
 arms with increased rigidity, precision and
 fuselage clearance
 Machined control arms interlock on a special steel pivot
 shaft supported by large ball bearings.


 XHeavy duty front T/rotor transmission tune-up kit

 fits X-Cell kits #1003,1004.1005.1006.1010 and other x-Cell with opt. graphite torque tube  

 XL-Pro II CNC Rotor system

 XL-Pro II C.N.C. machined rotorhead  

 XL-Pro II Head block

 XL-PRO C.N.C: machined aluminium head block and 
 flybar support
 C.N.C. Machined Aluminum
 Aileron Servo Cradle 

 Provides a rigid mount for the aileron servo
 Fully ball bearinged for smooth operation

#0854 XL-Pro
#0854-1 X-Cell’s with plastic servo tray assembly

Installed view

 X-Cell Push/Pull Collective

 X-Cell Elevator System

  CAD Design For Optimum ATV’s!

 Includes Steel Control Balls
 Pre-Drilled Servo Wheel for Easy Setup
 Dual Ball-Bearing Rigid Arm

 X-Cell .60 Size Threaded
 Style Clutch Bell

 One-Piece Clutch Bearing Block w/Triple Bearing Support
 Hardened Pinion Gear w/ Threaded Base to Bell Coupling
 Large 6x15x5mm Lower Clutch Bell Bearing
 Gold Anodized

 #0865 Series:

 100% Machined Teflon 
 Impregnated Delrin Main Gear

 100% Machined Two-Piece Main Gear
 Machined Autorotation Hub / Gear Spacer

 Easily converted to “99” Style Constant Drive Auto Unit
 #0866 0865: 9 to1 Autorotation Gear Kit
 #0865-1: 9.3 to 1 Autorotation Gear Kit
 #0865-2: 9.5 to 1 Autorotation Gear Kit

 Torque tube kit

 6 Torque tube kit for Series 99   

 Molded Rear Swash-Plate
 Anti rotation Guide


 Swash plate anti rotation guide offers maximum swash-
 plate tilt, lightweight, secure fit and simple installation
 Fits all X-Cell helicopters by drilling (2) small holes in
 each side frame
 Easily mounted on built models. Works with any type
 upper bearing block.