X-Cell Upgrades  #05xx

Miniature_Aircraft offers a wide variety of main mechanics upgrades 

 #0521 thru 0528:

  Assorted Servo Rod
  Connection Kits 

 Includes various ball links, threaded balls, screws, nuts,   
 washers and clevises

 Makes servo set-up easier.

 Autorotation Thrust Bearing 

 This unit replaces the plastic spacer #0211 on any X-Cell 
 not equipped with our split gear auto-rotation unit #0866
 Can not be used with #0866
 When properly installed, the thrust bearing eliminates any 
 end play in the auto- rotation main gear assembly,
 resulting in improved gear mesh and constant operation of
 the“Slipper Type” constant tail drive (if so equipped)
 minimizing re-adjustment


  Servo-Tray Brace For
  X-Cell .60

 The servo brace eliminates the lower tank tray #0189 and
 vertical brace
 #0578, while providing greater rigidity for the servo tray
 Designed to “Fold” upon impact to minimize damage



 Adjustable Roll Bellcranks

 Allows up to +/- 10% variation on swash plate deflection
 or ATV’s
 Plus increased rigidity over plastic units
 Precision C.N.C. machined and gold anodized 60-61T-6 aluminum
 Fits all X-Cell models


 PRO Aluminium washout arm

 two machnied washout control arms    


 PRO Adjustable Bell mixing kit



 Main-Shaft Upper Thrust
 Bearing Kit

 Removes all vertical loads from the two support radial bearings
 Eliminates approximately 50% of any torque-twisting during



 X-Cell Series Uni-Ball 
 Dampened Clutch Kit 

 Special C.N.C. Multi-Station machining procedure for exact
 Unique design insures concentric operation (even at slight angles
 of offset)
 The “Hammer Effect” of the typical 2 cycle single cylinder engine
 is dampened via urethane dampeners.  This minimizes noise and
 unwanted pulses through the gear train
 Clutch and clutch liner life is extended
 R&R of the engine is simplified
 C.N.C. Clutch machined of special aircraft grade ”Flexible Steel”
 Dual opposed Collets for exact concentricity
 Collet available for all popular .60 engines. (Must be ordered
 Special Alignment-Assembly Tool included easily sets clutch to
 hub clearance
 Designed For .46 Size Engines. May Be Applied To .30 Size
 With Improved Results
 Includes Ball Bearing Clutch Bell.
#0549-3 and 0549-4:

 .60 Size Optional Engine

 Milled Aluminum Mount
 Black Anodized
 Used with optional Gear Ratios (9:3, 9:4, 9:5,9:6 X-Cell)
 Standard In Pro Kits
#0551- #0552:

 Adjustable Drag Constant
 Tail Drive Autorotation Kit

 Allows 0-100% adjustment of the tail drive load during
 auto- rotations
 Simple installation without removal of the main gear unit
 Kit #0552 fits old style stepped main shafts #0203.

 Two Sided Aluminum
 Elevator Swing Arm Kit

 Improved support of both the swashplate and elevator control
 bellcrank commands
 Eliminates any possible high speed flexing
 Gold anodized
 Standard in X-Cell .60 C.T. kit

 Ball bearing anti rotation

 Eliminates any swashplate timing changes during full collective range.    

 Special C.N.C. Machined
 2 Sided Main Gear

 Precision C.N.C. machine cut
 Outer teeth cut to match X-Cell pinion drive gear for maximum
 power, performance and smooth operation


 Ball-Bearing Rear Elevator
 Swing Arm Kit

 Replaces the two #0131 bushings in the rear  section  of the
 plastic swing arm #0155

 Enables a smoother operation of the swing arm  assembly
#0579 Series:

 Machined Aluminum Fans

 C.N.C. machined aluminum fans for increased air flow,
 lower engine drag and smoother high speed operation

#0579-1: X-Cell .30
#0579-3: X-Cell .46
#0579-4: X-Cell .60
#0579-5: X-Cell Gas

 Graphite dual tailboom braces with CNC aluminium mounts

 #0585-6 graphite tubes
 #0585-7 threaded male inserts
 #0585-8 female mounts

#0586, 0586-0:

 X-Cell Carbon Fiber
 Replacement Frame Sets

 Precision machine cut carbon-fiber replacement frame sets
 designed to fit .30 through .60 size X-Cell helicopters

 Offering weight reductions over aluminum frames,
 high strength, modular layout and high-gloss finish

 #0586 Complete frame set for X-Cell .30 & .46
 #0586-0 Complete frame set for X-Cell .60
 Hi Gloss Finish!

carbon fiber tail boom

 Installation of pad and boom type booms    

 Gyro Mounted Bracket Kit

 Allows optional mounting position optimize gyro performance
 Optimized Gyro Performance
#0596 Series:

 Adjustable Roll Servo
 Control Arm

 For all X-Cell .30, .60 and Gas series. This unit provides the
 following advantages:
 3 output positions, each with correct differential to minimize
 collective-roll interaction
 All collective loads are directed to the servo spline
 Simplified ball link removal
 Fits J.R., Futaba, and Sanwa
 When ordering for Futaba,use #0596F. Order #0596 for use
 with J.R. or Sanwa radios.


 C.N.C. Machined Brass
 Bearing Spacer Kit

  The machined bearing spacers allows for full tightening of
 bell-crank pivot bolts without bearing “bind-up”

 Fits #0333 Bell Mixers, #0167 Aileron Bell-crank, #0445
 Tail Rotor Bell- crank

 Eliminates Bearing “Bind-up”
 Graphite C.N.C. Machined
 Landing Gear Rails 
 High quality, lightweight and durable replacement graphite
 landing gear rails. Half the weight of metal rails.
#0879 C.N.C. Graphite “SE” Landing Gear Rails
#0879-5 C.N.C. Graphite ProII Landing Gear Rails