The original clutch used with the X-Cell was bolted directly to the fan hub. A dial indicator was required to align the start shaft. 

The clutch was upgraded to the Uniball clutch assembly prior to 1993. The Uniball system used pins, operating in rubber cushions, to interconnect the clutch to the hub.

With the exception of the pre 1993 non uniball clutches the Uniball clutch has been used on all models.

Clutch Drum

 The original 0546-1, silver clutch drum used small start shaft bearings inserted into both ends of the pinion. This drum was used with the 0558 dual bearing start shaft bearing block on:

All 1001 models
The 1003 through 1997
The 1004 through 1997
All 1008 models
Al 1009 models

The 0546 drum and dual bearing block was replaced with the 0864 gold clutch assembly in 1999. This drum used the triple  bearing  block which supported the top of the pinion with a 10mm bearing.

The 0864 clutch assembly was used on:

The 1999 and later 1001 ST
The 1999 through 2002 1003 CT
The 1999 and later 1004 SE

Main Gear

The black 0207 delrin main gear was used on:

The 1993 through 1997 1001 models
The 1993 through 1997 1003 models

The 0207 main gear was produced in two optional gear rations. The 0549-95 and 0549-93 being 95 and 93 tooth gears. The 95 tooth optional gear was used on the model 1004 from 1994 through 1997

The 1998 1004 SE went back to the 90 tooth gear but used the CNC machine 0557 gear.

The 1999 1003 CT and 1999 1004 SE used the 0866 constant tail drive split gear.

Constant tail drive


The slipper clutch was the initial constant tail drive. This was used at the bottom of the standard autorotation hub and was a variable drag unit between the main shaft and the main gear. The slipper clutch was used on:

The 1994 through 1998 model 1004

The slipper clutch was replaced with the split gear assembly and used as described above under main gears.

1005 Gasser


The 1005 gasser used a uniball clutch and a clutch drum similar to the 60 size 0275. The clutch drum 105-64 was gold plated and the entire assembly was larger in diameter than the 60 size. All gassers used the 0207 delrin main gear.



Although these units shared many of the 60 size parts they did have their own clutch and drum assemblies. The 30/40 did share the 0207 90 tooth main gear with it 60 size big brothers. The 46 used a 96 tooth delrin gear. Refer to the plans diagrams for specifics.

Drive with 0207 main gear and 0546 clutch drum

Drive using 0864 clutch drum and 0866 constant tail drive split gear

Hub with plastic fan

Optional metal fan

0864 clutch assembly

0275 Clutch drum

60 size uniball clutch

0558 Start shaft bearing block