The original X-Cell tail hub did not have blade axels. The hub was a center piece only and the blades were attached with bolts through the bearings. Sometime prior to 1993 the hub was updated to the delta hub.

The original delta tail hub did not have retainer clips on the hub axle ends.

With the exception of the early models, the delta tail hub, with the flat plate pitch slider was used on:

All 1001 models
The 1003 through 1998
The 1004 through 1997
All 1005 models
All 1008 models
All 1009 models

The delta tail hub was replaced with the 0541 non-delta solid hub . The heavy 0463 plastic blades can not be used with the solid hub.

The solid hub with various graphite blades has been used on:

All 1003 models after 1998
The 1004 model in 1998

The 0859 Pro tail assembly was used with the 1004 Graphite SE beginning in 1999 (99 Spec SE).


Blade grips:


The 0873 blade grip replaced the original 0453 blade grip
in 1998.

0873 Blade grip

Note: All fins shown in the pictures are incorrect for the assembly shown.

X-Cell tail assembly with delta hub

X-Cell tail assembly with solid tail hub

Tail assembly with A arms

Tail assembly with 0859 pro bellcrank and slider