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Fury 90 Extreme (2002) Mod.1020



Over-All Length 1340mm
Over-All Height 447mm
Main Rotor Diameter 1540mm
Maximum Blade Length  700mm 
Engine Size  .80-.91*
Gear 8.18 / 8.45
Total Weight (Basic) 4.2kg.
  • Fury Extreme Boom - Boom Supports - Tail Control
  • Fury Extreme Engine - Clutch - Fan Shroud
  • Fury Extreme Frames - Bellcranks
  • Fury Extreme Head - Washout - Swash
  • Fury Extreme Landing Gear - Fuel Tank - Control Rods
  • Fury Extreme Mainshaft - Autorotation
  • Fury Extreme Servo Supports - Canopy
  • Fury Extreme Tail - Gearbox -

33" Graphite Tail Boom.
8.18 gear radio
Plastic mixing lever base
Metal fan
4 main shaft bearings
2 ball bearing supports on torque tube
Aluminum Tail housing
Ball Bearing Tail pitch control mechanism
5mm tail rotor blade axel
One piece main/transmission bearing block

Fury 80 Extreme (2002) Mod.1021


Based on the highly successful Fury, the Extreme was designed to support .75 through .91 sized engines, and the most radical 3D maneuvers you can think of. It includes every feature found in the latest Fury Extreme plus:

New gear ratios for larger engines

- 8.18:1 Recommended for use with the OS90

- 8.45:1 Recommended for use with the YS80





Aluminum cooling fan standard

Machined One-Piece Split Gear Auto Hub





New 33" Graphite Ultra-Still tail boom allows main blade lengths up to 720mm

Improved torque tube to withstand greater engine loads

New Self adjusting front tail boom clamps




CNC Aluminum T/R gearbox

CNC ball-bearing pivoting pitch plate and control links

Geometrically centered T/R pitch mechanism



Proven Fury Drive Train and Tail Rotor Control system




The Fury Extreme


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