Schlüter SX-81



 Length  1350 mm
 Width   mm
 Height   mm
 Rotor Head  collective head
 Main Rotor Dia  1300 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  270 mm
 Engine  .60 cu in  (10 cc)
 Gear Ratio  
 Weight  4400 g 


SX-81 Build manual
German version
  Parts laid out

SX-81 Build manual
english Version



1984 catalogue

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Tail gearbox assembly  -  1985 article with hints for assembling Schluter tail gearbox and tail rotors.


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  • SX-81 - Fuel tank
  • SX-81 - Grass Left side front
  • SX-81 - Grass left side rear
  • SX-81 - Grass right side front
  • SX-81 - Grass right side rear
  • SX-81 - Head 01
  • SX-81 - Head 02
  • SX-81 - In the hover
  • SX-81 - LH Mechanics
  • SX-81 - LH Nose detail
  • SX-81 - LH Nose
  • SX-81 - LH Rear body
  • SX-81 - LH side
  • SX-81 - RH Mechanics
  • SX-81 - RH Nose
  • SX-81 - RH side
  • SX-81 - Return from flight
  • SX-81 - Tail assm
  • SX-81 Blue 01
  • SX-81 Blue 02
  • Schluter SX-81 hovering
  • pics0084

Head removed and stripped for inspection as ‘wobble’ noted on flybar pivot and main head pivots.  Wear found in side cheeks as the pivot bush had worn the cheeks so bushes ‘epoxy’ glued in cheek plates and also the holes ‘closed up’ to grip the bushes by ‘centre popping’.  Head now only ‘nipped’ up in order to keep it tight on the shaft but now have the movement inside the head block and not the cheek plates (can be reverse engineered if new parts found).  Bearing on flybar pivot also had play due to being loose in the housing and the centre pin worn; again refitted with epoxy to close up the gaps.  All other bearings OK and head rebuilt; checked and now no unwanted movement; main shaft checked and found to be straight so head refitted.