Schlüter Magic (1989)




 Length  1465 mm
 Height   430 mm
 Rotor Head  coll. head System
 Main Rotor Dia  1490 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  260 mm
 Engine  .60 cu in  (10 cc)
 Gear Ratio  
 Weight  4400 g 


Magic build instructions

  Magic_Bauanleitung (dt)    Magic Exploded views

Magic II Exploded views


Magic was available as clockwise(Magic) and counterclockwise(Magic-L) version!

Introduced in 1989 as the top line Pod and Boom with additional JetRanger body for the scale buffs.

Feature showing various testing methods used in developing the Magic.

Magic_Bauanleitung_fuer Bell47 mit Hallman Rumpf

Magic initial review  -  1989 Courtesy Model Helicopter World

Magic build review  -  1989 Full build and flying review courtesy Model Helicopter World

Magic Kit review - By Dave day

Magic Kit review - By Unknown

  • SH003
  • SH104043
  • SH104052
  • SH104053
  • SH104055
  • Schluter Magic flying 01
  • Schluter Magic flying 02
  • Schluter Magic flying 03
  • Schluter Magic flying 04
  • magicII_001
  • magicII_003
  • magicII_004
  • magicII_005
  • magicII_008

Schlüter Magic II   


1992 Catalogues features showing both rotation mode models and add on side fairing.

Decal sheets for both RH and LH head rotation versions


Schlüter Magic-Ranger

Bauanleitung (Manual) für Magic Ranger