KALT Space_Baron-Enforcer (1991)



 Full Length of Fuselage 1180mm
 Rotor Head CP model specific
 Main Rotor Dia 1050mm
 Engine 0.28 - 0.35
 Gear Ratio 9.8 : 1 : 4.9
 Full Equipped Weight 2.5 Kg


Space Baron 

Enforcer ZR 
Manual Enforcer


Manual addendum  
Full exploded view with parts list


Space Baron 

Space Baron upgrade review  - 
1991 article 
 Enforcer ZR kit review By Dave Day

Space Baron kit review  
By Dave Day 

Enforcer ZR with fuselage review   By Dave day

SpaceBaron/Enforcer vert. fin, STL-file

Decal (27MB)
  • 1991 - Space Baron close up 01
  • 1991 - Space Baron close up 02
  • 1991 - Space Baron close up 03
  • 1991 - Space Baron close up 04
  • 1992 - Space Baron close up RH
  • 1992 - Space Baron close up clutch
  • Space_Baron_101

The Kalt Space Baron was a radical redesign to give modular construction that allowed for easy access to the engine; marketed in the US as the 'Enforcer' though reason for the different name not as yet determined.

Designed by the First world F3C champion, Shigetada Taya the design had a number of unusual features.  The engine was inclined towards the main shaft by 20 degrees thus reducing the overall length and also giving better access to the starting cone.  On other makes the starter had a tendency to be fouled by the main rotor which prevented it from being lined up correctly resulting in started cone wear and head damage.  The main shaft was also driven by a unique planetary drive system incorporated in the main reduction gear which also included autorotation capability.  The head was a 'flapping' type with the flexible plate made of thin steel which was easily and cheaply replaced in case of an accident.

One weakness in the design was wear on the clutch bell gear caused by main gear tooth wear especially at high revs, in September 1992 in the UK an aftermarket main gear was manufactured of a different material that did not wear as fast, there was also stainless balls that replaced the original type and reduced wear in the plastic links.

 Space Baron (Enforcer) main blade addendum  - 

ZR upgrades with S30 head

  • DSC_0316
  • DSC_0317
  • DSC_0318
  • Space Barron 2008-03-28
  • kaltspacebaron2
  • kaltspacebaronrnorrboda200700808
  • kaltspacebaronrotorhuvud
  • spacebaron


Kalt Enforcer with ZR Upgrades

  • DSC_0979
  • DSC_0980
  • DSC_0981
  • DSC_0982
  • DSC_0983
  • DSC_0984
  • DSC_0987
  • DSC_0988
  • Enforcer_005
  • Enforcer_010
  • Enforcer_015
  • Enforcer_020
  • Enforcer_025
  • Enforcer_030
  • Enforcer_035


Electric Version of Space Baron

  • Space_Baron_electric_001
  • Space_Baron_electric_005
  • Space_Baron_electric_010
  • Space_Baron_electric_020
  • Space_Baron_electric_025


Space Baron with F3C fuselage

  • SpaceBaron_301
  • SpaceBaron_302
  • SpaceBaron_303
  • SpaceBaron_304
  • SpaceBaron_305
  • SpaceBaron_306
  • SpaceBaron_307