Kalt 50 Baron (1979 or earlier)



   50 Baron  50 Baron S
 Length  1300 mm  1300 mm
 Rotor Head  any Kalt CP
 any Kalt CP
 Main Rotor Dia  1400 mm  1440 - 1460 mm
 Engine  .50 cu in  (8.0 cc)
 .50 cu in  (8.0 cc)
 Gear Ratio   9.56 : 1 : 4.5  9.56 : 1 : 4.5
 Weight  3800 - 4300 g   4100 - 4300 g



50 Baron instruction manual 
Kalt 50 Baron review  -  April 1981 by Bill Burkinshaw for UK magazine RCM&E.



  1981 catalogue   

Also known as the CP Baron and following on from the original Baron; developed to take the new 50 size helicopter engines with any of the collective pitch rotor heads with autorotation as standard.  The Baron body was used but with an extended boom in order to accommodate longer main blades and heavier duty landing gear in order to take the increased weight.  In line with Kalt's policy the kit was provided without a rotor head and the customer chose the specification of the head themselves.  belt start but an option available was to fit a bottom starting cone to the OS50 engine.

Kalt already had a model of the JetRanger with its own dedicated mechanics however, it was also decided that the first of Kalt's range of 'hang-on' scale bodies would be the JetRanger with the internal layout redesigned specifically to take the 50 Baron mechanics with either the standard 50 size engine or a larger 60 size for more 'sporty' performance.  This model was later followed by the Long Ranger and Bell_222 which were also suitable for the 50 baron mechanics.

1982 Advert (UK)

The Baron 50 had proved very popular and was thus available in four formats to cover all applications, Standard and Super Aerobatic, Custom and Flybarless; these options were provided by supplying the model with different rotor head arrangements.

1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue

The standard 50 baron for the US market in 1985 included the K-1SB head and slightly larger blades giving a rotor diameter of 57 inches with autorotation as an optional extra.

Kalt 50 Baron A

1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue K-1SB

Same specification as the USA standard baron but including autorotation along with the tail boom brace for those slightly heavy landing's when practicing autorotation's.

Kalt 50 Baron Custom

1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue

Same specification as the USA standard baron but including autorotation / tail boom brace / custom machined main gear / Black anodised frame / Shock mounted landing gear / 4-way clutch / Two piece cooling shroud / Metal bell cranks / 'C' type Bell-Hiller mixer / ball bearing tail pitch control / tail rotor speed up gearing.

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Kalt 50 Baron Custom BH

1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue  

Same specification as the USA Baron Custom but fully factory assembled along with the new Blackhead Mk2 head with adjustable damping.

Kalt 50 Baron Mark III

1985 Circus Hobbies catalogue    

Same specification as the USA 50 baron A, but with the 'floppy' type rotor head though catalogue photo shows a standard K-1SB.

Kalt 50 Baron S

Standard version of the 50 Baron with Bell Hiller mixing through the scissor arm 'C', autorotation and head as an optional choice.

Kalt 50 Baron EC

The EC model was the budget version of the 50 Baron S using a number of 'plastic' components with autorotation optional in order to reduce cost.