Morley Lynx

The Lynx was originally to be available around 1985 but with the Hughes 300 being so popular and the introduction of the Agusta 109 meant that development was put on hold until after the introduction of the MXA which it was revamped to use as the donor mechanics.


In addition to the dedicated scale models of the range such as Hughes 300 and Augusta 109, Morley produced a couple of body kits to convert other 'donor' mechanics into scale machines.

Modelled on the Army version with skids which the recommended MXA mechanics proved to be ideally suited.

 Photo shots of a completed Lynx in camouflage.

Morley Lynx instructions - Conversion information with drawings.  

Perfextly scale build of the Morley Lynx from Mark Stevens:

  • Morley_Lynx_005
  • Morley_Lynx_006
  • Morley_Lynx_007
  • Morley_Lynx_008
  • Morley_Lynx_009
  • Morley_Lynx_010
  • Morley_Lynx_011
  • Morley_Lynx_012
  • Morley_Lynx_013
  • Morley_Lynx_014
  • Morley_Lynx_015
  • Morley_Lynx_016
  • Morley_Lynx_017
  • Morley_Lynx_018

In 2011 this NIB Lynx kit was used as the base mould for producing fuselages incorporating T-rex mechanics.