Morley F1 Carbon (1996)


  46 60
Full Length   1220 mm   1350 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  1330 mm with
 560mm blades
1500 mm with
 640mm blades
 Tail Rotor Dia    
 Engine  .46 cu
.60 cu
 Weight   3.9 Kg
  4.4 Kg
F1-46 Carbon build manual 
F1-46 Carbon build drawings
F1-60 Carbon build manual 
F1-60 Carbon build drawings 

Though Jim was still designing helicopters the general running of the company had been taken over by bud Bolton and so the company name was changed slightly from "MH Ltd" to "MH design".

  Brochure    MH news 1996 for F1 Carbon release

Based on the Maverick but to a much higher specification for 60 size engines with top cone starting.

                             Carbon Decals

  F1-60 Carbon Fastener identification

  • Morley F1 Carbon 01
  • Morley F1 Carbon 02
  • Morley F1 Carbon 04
  • Morley_F1_105
  • Morley_F1_110
  • Morley_F1_12p
  • Morley_F1_13p
  • Morley_F1_14p
  • Morley_F1_16p
  • Morley_F1_17p
  • Morley_F1_19p
  • Morley_F1_21p
  • Morley_F1_23p
  • Morley_F1_25p
  • Morley_F1_26p
  • Morley_F1_27p

As you can see from the above photo's, for those without computer radios it was possible to buy a bespoke CCP mixer.  Check out the receipt and you can see in 1999 that the price for this mixer was £40 however, look at the gyro price............ £68.

F1 Kit review - Review by Dave Parnham for W3MH in 1996 (taken from an apparent dead site).

F1 Clockwise addendum - For reversing the main rotor direction

Photos from the Busy bee flying club web site.

  • Morley_Carbon_F1_101
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_102
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_103
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_104
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_105
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_106
  • Morley_Carbon_F1_107

Morley F1 Carbon 46

Modified to be slightly smaller and suitable for 46 size engines for those not wanting a full 60 model; utilised the more modern 'hex' drive top start