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 Jim Morley

Jim Morley


In 1973 the first UK helicopter competition sponsored by RCM&E and held at Sywell was won by Jim’s first model helicopter a Bell 47G.  A subsequent article in RCM&E later that year led to worldwide enquiries and the start of business activities in this field; initially with the sale of components as it was to be many years before Jim finally decided to go to manufacturing of complete kits.

Morley Helicopters (MH) was formed in 1982 in preparation for distributing complete kits beginning with the Hughes 300.  Located initially in Bath then later in larger premises in Melksham and finally into premises in Fairoaks where the last of the Range (model F1) was developed.  One of Jim's most interesting projects was the model of the Fairey Rotodyne; unfortunately (like the real one) there was only one produced.

Quick UK had been manufacturing upgrades for Morley helicopters and various other manufacturers models so when Jim Morley decided to 'retire' they took over control of MH.  They did not continue with the scale helicopters but marketed the Maverick and F1 Carbon plus their own variants of the F1 utilising Quick UK upgrades called the F1 Carbon "MAX".  These models were the last MH designs to be produced after which Quick UK withdrew from production of both helicopters and spares supply. 

Jim sadly passed away in may 2010.

Morley Timeline

1973 Bell 47G 2B version in 'Home build' form
1974 Bell 47G 2C version 'Home build'
1978 Bell 47G 2C 1/7th scale version 'Home build'
1979 Sea King (prototype)
1979 Bell 47G 2C twin 19 engines (prototype)
1980 Semi-Scale Chinook
1980 Bell 47G 1/7th scale twin 30 engines (prototype)
1983 Hughes 300
1984 Three Blade scale head for Hughes 300
1984 Agusta 109
1984 Four Blade scale head for Agusta 109
1985 Bell 47G Mk3
1986 MXA
1987 Bell AH-1S Cobra (Morley USA)
1988 Lynx - Scout
1989 Bell UH-1D Huey
19## MX Ranger
19## MXB
19## Maverick
19## Maverick XR
1996 F1 Carbon (60)
1997 F1 Carbon 46

In Dec 78 Jim started a regular bimonthly helicopter column in the UK magazine RCM&E.

1981 and OD three blade head from John Barrow on a 50 Baron using Morley Blade assemblies

Late 1983 Morley Mk3 rotor head with Bell-Hiller mixing.

Morley Rotor head Mixer Kit Instructions - Kit produced to increase head response on the basic Mk3 head.

  Jan 1984 general update making comment on
 the three blade head plus upcoming availability
 of a  Lynx ???
  Feb 1984 and a letter from Jim with news that was
  at the time a 'secret'; the development of  the M.A.D.
  with Jim's note of 'staggering' performance. 
  Unfortunately its introduction  was to be delayed
  until 1986 and came out as the MXA.


  Early 1984 Agusta 109 prototype with four blade head.







Advert from the late 1980's showing the available Morley Helicopters range plus colour brochure's. 

Morley Parts list 1988 - Morley Parts List 1990 - Morley Parts list 1992 - general lists showing availability of both kits and parts plus accessories.

1997 Summer Catalogue  -  General details including spares and tools.

     Jim Morley

Line up of Morley Helicopters at 2008 MK fly-in (A thunder tiger sneaked in whilst no-one was looking....).


Fairey Rotodyne

A unique model designed and build by Jim Morley.


Morley Twins

A most interesting 'home build' incorporating what looks like two Mk3 heads with the mixer arms, late eighties maybe?

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  • image4


Again by the same designer flyer a further development of the twin theme this time using Maverick mechanics.  Deceptively small looking from the photo's except when stood up next to the designer/flyer.  Photo quality and the receding hair (which happens to us all....) indicate that these could be fairly recent however, would very much like more if anybody knows this designer.

  • Mav 04
  • Mav tw 01
  • Mav tw 02
  • Mav tw 03
  • Mav tw 04
  • Mav tw 05