Morley Agusta 109 (1984)



Full Length  44 inch  (1118mm)
 Rotorhead  Morley 'AT' collective @ 1100 RPM range
 Main Rotor Dia  48 inch  (1220 mm)
 Tail Rotor Dia  -
 Engine  .40/.45 cu in  (6.5/7.5 cc)
 Weight  8 Lbs  (3.5 Kg)

Agusta 109 build manual  -  Early version with hand drawn diagrams.



Agusta 109 prototype with four blade head   Pre-release information

The fuselage had been provisionally designed for production in 1982 however, suitable mechanics were not available and as it was intended to have a fully operation scale retract system it was decided that development could be protracted and focus should be towards the smaller 'sport' scale Hughes 300.  Development had not stopped and was slowly being done in the background and so by mid 1983 with the new MK3 mechanics enhanced to give full Bell-Hiller mixing; this system was considered mature enough for the Augusta to be finalised.

Early 1984 and the prototype was presented with a view to release in the Summer.  The scale retracts added a great deal of realism to the model along with the four blade head that had been developed from the three blade head fitted to the Hughes.  The model however, was to be marketed with the standard Bell-Hiller two blade head so as to be suitable for all levels of flying ability; multi-blade heads required above average flying capability and so this would be provided later as an optional extra.

  Release information Summer 84.

1/10 near scale model utilising Morley mechanics complete with retracting undercarriage. 

Agusta 109 build review  -  Build and flying review from Feb 1985 RC_Helicopters.

Production four blade head.


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