Morley Helicopters - Quick UK

When Jim Morley retired from Helicopter production, MH was taken over by Quick UK.  Unfortunately they did not continue production of the scale models but marketed the 'Pod and Boom' Maverick and F1 carbon.

The Maverick was available in both standard and the upgraded XR versions plus the addition of a Hughes 500E fuselage which gave a 'nod' back in the direction of 'scale'.  Additionally, to compliment the 'standard' versions of the F1, Quick UK marketed a higher specification model that incorporated the full compliment of upgrades; this was known as F1 Carbon "MAX".

The popularity though of MH designs was on the wane and subsequently Quick UK stopped both production of full kits and also spares supply for the MH range.



Production continued for both the standard Maverick and the upgraded XR version plus the addition of a Hughes 500E fuselage. 

Maverick Assembly Manual

Maverick XR Assembly Manual  -  Maverick XR Assembly Diagrams

F1 Carbon & Carbon "MAX"


F1-46 Carbon build manual  -  F1-46 Carbon build drawings

F1-60 Carbon build manual  -  F1-60 Carbon build drawings  -  F1-60 Carbon Fastener identification

F1 Carbon "MAX" Metal head addendum

Morley Quick UK upgrades


Morley price List  -  From Quick UK Catalogue No5