Morley MXA (1986) 

Kit box cover.


Full Length  45 inch  (1143mm)
 Rotorhead  Morley 'AT' collective @ 1200 RPM range
 Main Rotor Dia  48 inch  (1220 mm)
 Tail Rotor Dia  -
 Engine  .40 cu in  (6.5 cc)
 Weight  7 Lbs  (3.25 Kg)



MXA build Manual early version  -  With hand drawn diagrams.


MXA build Manual late version  -  With professional drawings.

MXA Tail control X-over mod  -  Modification to provide more positive tail rotor control by utilising a X-over linkage.
MXA 5 servo mod  -  Modification to fit all servo's on the underside in order to tidy up the layout.

MXA 1988 Build review  -  Courtesy Model Helicopter World.

Pre release note from 1984 


As can be seen in the pre release note from 1984 the original designation was to be M.A.D. i.e. Morley Aerobatic Devise.  This could have been a good marketing name though equally it could have backfired if the model was not received well, prudence was therefore exercised and the model became the MXA.  The models gestation period was somewhat extended though mention is made of production problems at the time of the note and as noted for other models around that time, pressure in supplying the current models caused delays.

This was Morley's first specific pod and boom trainer though somewhat complicated considering the target audience and the introduction the previous year of the Hirobo Shuttle (ARTF) which was to become the 'benchmark' as far as trainer helicopters were concerned

1985 hovering shot

Photos from the Busy bee flying club web site.

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