Kyosho Concept_60



 Over-All Length   1400 mm
 Over-All Height   470 mm
 Main Rotor Dia   1500 mm
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   260 mm
 Total Weight   4400 g
 Gear Ratio   8.9 : 1 : 5.4
 Engine   10 ccm (0.61 cc)

Concept_60 SR manual
Concept_60 SR II manual  Standard version
Concept_60 SR II CF manual
Carbon frame version.
Concept_60 Manual
Part 1  -  build instructions  

Concept_60 Manual
Part 2  -  Flying instructions 

Concept 60 SR Metal frame

Partslist Concept 60 SR
Concept_60 Manual addendum

decal Kyosho Concept 60 (40MB)
dxf-decal 1
dxf - decal 2

After the success of the Concept_30, Kyosho moved on to developed its bigger brother.  They went straight for the 60 market with the aim of introducing the Concept_60 as the model to be beat in its class.

  • Concept 60 - 2008-01 - LH side
  • Concept 60 - 2008-01 - RH nose
  • Concept60_201
  • Concept60_202
  • Concept60_203
  • Concept60_204
  • Concept60_205
  • Concept60_206
  • Concept60_207
  • Concept60_kit


Kyosho Concept_60 SR and SR Champion

  • 1.2.16 020
  • 1.2.16 021
  • 1.2.16 024
  • 1.2.16 025
  • 1.2.16 031
  • 1.2.16 035
  • Concept_60_01
  • Concept_60_02
  • Concept_60_03
  • Concept_60_04
  • DSC_1967
  • DSC_1968
  • DSC_1969
  • DSC_1970
  • DSC_1971

Upgraded over the standard Concept_60 with many new features: no-slop push-pull cyclic linkages. Tail rotor drive shaft support along its full length to prevent shaft whip. Gearbox sealed against dust. New metal parts for extra strength in the rotor head. Choice of flapping or see-saw for even better aerobatic flying performance. Composite-structure main rotor blades, with leading edge weights to move the blade C of G to its optimum position.  New, stylish and crash-resistant LSS resin moulded body.

The Championship version upgraded the 60 SR with advances developed by master pilot/designer Kazuyuki Takayanagi - including stainless steel tube drive and bearing for more precise tail control. Top it off with the optional Interceptor Body shaped to improve forward flight speeds and aerobatic handling.

Kyosho Concept_60 SR II

  • Concept60_SRII_105
  • Concept60_SRII_110
  • Concept60_SRII_115
  • Concept60_SRII_120
  • DSC02600 60SR

Concept_60 SR II with metal frame

  • DSC_1980
  • DSC_1983
  • DSC_1984
  • DSC_1985
  • DSC_1986
  • DSC_1987
  • DSC_1988
  • DSC_1989
  • DSC_1990
  • DSC_1991

Concept_60 SR II carbon

  • srII_Carbon_101
  • srII_Carbon_102
  • srII_Carbon_103
  • srII_Carbon_104
  • srII_Carbon_105
  • srII_Carbon_106
  • srII_Carbon_107
  • srII_Carbon_108
  • srII_Carbon_109

The SR II was the last variant of the tried and trusted Concept_60 released by Kyosho. Modified to comply with new F3C competition regulations and included parts that were formally only available as options. Starting from the top, the new main rotor shaft had slots cast into it which help prevent the revised mixing base from twisting in flight, thus reducing the risk of lead/lag changes. The flybar was strengthened and the flybar paddles were larger to give increased stability and manoeuvrability in flight. The transmission case and lower side frame designs were revised and strengthened to increase service life! The new feathering shafts (spindles) were scaled up versions of the Concept_30 type. The larger hub offered increased strength when running at higher head speeds and through tight aerobatic manoeuvres. The counter gear, gear housing and bevel gear were all Zeal items. A strong and lightweight carbon fibre tail boom replaced the original aluminium boom and the original wire type tail drive was replaced by the pipe type tail drive system; so there's was no risk of the tail 'winding up' under load. A clutch and fan collar to suit the OS 61 SX-H helicopter engine was included as standard (an OS 61 SFN-H combination also available). A new mark deserved a new look and the SR II sported a modified fuselage with new decals.

Kyosho Concept_60 Upgrade

Despite being developed to as high a standard as possible and by the SR II version there was nothing much that could be improved there were still a number of upgrades; even if some were no more than cosmetic.

Concept_60 Z-61 HP Flapping Head - Zeal 'official' upgrade for all versions of the Concept_60 and as per the Concept_30, incorporated a connection between the two blade holders so that as one blade flapped up, the other flapped down.  Similar principle to the modern 'feather' shaft system.

Concept_60 HP metal frame set - Zeal 'official' upgrade for the Concept_60 SR version and improved the 'stiffness' of the frame thereby preventing unwanted twisting during harsh manoeuvres.

Kyosho Concept_60 Scale Fuselage

Despite being primarily designed as an out-and-out performance model, being of pod and boom construction it did 'lend' itself to being fitted inside a 'hang-on' fuselage; enter the JetRanger body kit.  Basically an enlarged version of the Concept_30 body though it did look good and of course had excellent handling properties.

  • 100_1189
  • 100_1191
  • Concept60_JertRanger_01
  • Concept60_JertRanger_02
  • Concept60_JertRanger_03
  • Concept60_JertRanger_04
  • Concept60_JertRanger_05
  • Concept60_JertRanger_07
  • Kyosho Concept 60 SR plus JetRanger
  • Kyosho_JetRanger
  • SH100872
  • SH100875


Concept_60 JetRanger instruction

Kyosho Concept_60 Interceptor Fuselage

  • Interceptor_01
  • Interceptor_02
  • Interceptor_03
  • Interceptor_04
  • Interceptor_05
  • Kyosho Interceptor body
  • Kyosho Interceptor page1
  • Kyosho Interceptor page2