Kyosho EP Concept


 Full Length of Fuselage  930 mm
 Rotor Head  
 Main Rotor Dia  928 mm
 Battery  8.4V 1200/1700 mAh
 Gear Ratio  
 Full Equipped Weight  1280 g


EP Concept Documents: 
EP Concept Build manual and parts list

EP Concept
Parts List

exploded view
EP Concept SR Documents: 




exploded view
EP Concept SR-K Documents:  
EP Concept SR-K Schweizer 300 manual
EP Concept brushless motor addendum

EP Concept Hughes 500 Instructions
Report RC Helikoper magazine

decal Kyosho EP-Concept Hughes 500 (22MB)
decal Kyosho EP-Concept JetRanger(8MB)
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The Concept EP took the electric model helicopter into high performance outdoor flying with a design based on the successfully Concept_30. A powerful AP36L with an 8.4V NiCad gave moderate performance for the tyro whilst increases to a 9.6V NiCad battery give it high speed and an aerobatic performance. Features included: autorotation clutch, strong glass reinforced main frame, aluminium alloy main shaft, metal balls fitted in the swash plate, belt-driven tail rotor, no-slop linkages and bell-hiller pitch control system with an in-line flybar for precise flying. The rotor blades were made from a composite material for top performance. Strong, moulded LSS body plus 20 ball bearings included for minimum friction with the kit being supplied partially assembled from factory.  Control required mini-servos to operate and preferable mini Rx and gyro.

Following on from the basic model was a 'hang on' fuselage of the Hughes 500 using similar principles as the Concept_30 fuselages but this time made of plastic.  Even so the effect was very good and made the helicopter look much bigger than it actually was.

Kyosho EP Concept SR

An upgraded version of the original Concept EP that featured a sleeker body, more powerful motor, additional ball bearings for smoother operation and taller main shaft to prevent boom strikes. It also acceptedeconomical standard-size servos and came 85% pre-assembled.

  • Concept_SR_001
  • Concept_SR_002
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  • Concept_SR_004

Kyosho EP Concept SR Sport

Based on the EP Concept SR but used a fixed-pitch rotor head so only four channel radio was required.  It included the K-Speed motor and had an extra long Aluminium main mast to avoid boom strikes, Blades feature foam cores and factory-bonded skin plus the frame was fibre- reinforced for extra durability. Flapping hinge-type head with reinforced blade grips for precise head control and the Schweizer 300 body give the EP Concept SR Sport a realistic look.

The EP Concept SR Sport used standard size servos and with the addition of a few collective-pitch parts, the machine could be upgraded to full EP Concept SR capability.


Kyosho EP Concept SR-K


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Kyosho EP Concept Hughes 500

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