Mini-Boy (1982)



 Length  1100 mm
 Width   mm
 Height   mm
 Rotor Head  collective head
 Main Rotor Dia  1080 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  220 mm
 Engine  .40 cu in  (6.5 cc)
 Gear Ratio  
 Weight  3500 g 



Mini-Boy instructions   build instructions.

Bauanleitung (dt)

Mini-Boy Drawings
build drawings.

Baustufenphotos 1
Mini-Boy Baustufenphotos 2 Mini-Boy USA Supplement  

1982 introduction to UK.

Mini-Boy Revue  -  Build and flying review from Jan 1983 Radio Modeller.

     1984 Catalogue details. 

  Mini-Boy wood layout.


As you can see from the above montage there were two cabin layouts.  The first was the basic extension nose and as can be seen this used the combined throttle/ collective layout.  The second incorporated an additional floor plate that allowed the servo's to be positioned to give better linkage runs and also provided the extra room needed for a five servo installation with separate throttle and collective servo's.

Parts Layout    Side view   Auto-rotation supplement

 Following on from the Super Heli-Baby as a 'Pod and Boom' trainer and basic sport model.  Looked very similar but incorporated a number of improvements, especially the blade mixer arms for the combined Bell/Hiller control system.

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Later versions of the mini-Boy were also available with black frames etc as per most of Schlüter's models from the mid eighties i.e. Superior, champion.