Align T-rex 500 (2008)



 Length  850 mm
 Rotorhead  -
 Main Rotor Dia  970 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  200 mm
 Engine  500L Brushless
 Gear  1:13.5:4.68
 Full Equipped Weight  1700 g


Had this one bought for me as a late Christmas present in Jan 08 very shortly after they came out as my wife thought that it looked 'cute'; no argument from me.  Extremely stable in the hover and in fast forward flight it seems to think that it is a small T-rex 600 rather than an overgrown T-rex 450.  Even I can flip and roll this one and strangely enough in May 08 it was the first helicopter I had the confidence with to do a full auto down to landing.  Due in the main to its very benign but positive control reactions and relatively large, wide landing legs which means that it does not try to roll over even when coming down not quite straight.  In Jan 10 I fitted a large single 6S 3700mAh battery and though not quite as sprightly (cannot do 3D yet anyway) it now has a standard endurance of 10 minutes general flying or 8 minutes of 'hard' collective use.

This is one helicopter I would recommend to anyone considering taking up RC helicopters; it is stable enough for even a complete beginner without any great stress.