Align T-rex 450 XL (2006)



 Length  640 mm
 Height  260 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  720 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  267 mm
 Engine  450 brushless 3550Kv
 Gear  1:8.5:4.95
 Full Equipped Weight  950 g





In Jul 09 it started making a strange whirring sound so put into storage awaiting a full strip down and service; then in Jun 10 stripped it down but could not really find anything wrong so after a good check rebuilt and tested.  However body edges were starting to curl with the canopy not going on too well plus the retracts occasionally caught the body.  Like all thin fibreglass construction, it ages, cracks and deforms with any attempt to straighten it causing more cracks or even breaking the piece off.

Align T-rex 450 (2005)


Bought in mid 07 as non-working 'Bitsa' being an original 'grey' plastic model but with quite a few updates.  Converted to eccpm to fit into a scale body however, once built there was heavy vibration caused by resonance in the scale body.  No matter what I tried and despite changing main mast, etc, etc this vibration could not be stopped so returned it to 'pod and boom' format for general use.  Not used a lot but by Apr 10 control getting very wayward and there is a lot of play in the seesaw linkages so needed a good looking over before bring back into use.

Given a good going over in Feb 2011 and now much better with response and decided it was ready for the EC135 fuselage.


RC-Challenge TR450x IC (2007)

Supplied parts   A completed model

Bought in Feb 10 as a set of components made by RC-Challenge for converting the T-rex 450 into an IC powered model and comprised of frame upgrade along with the motor and exhaust system.  Very little info available on this upgrade and RC-Challenge has long gone.  Intention is to acquire a collection of after market metal components, etc, then build it up as the special it was supposed to be.

Frame assembly came with six fitted bearings and engine was a Leo 15 with converted heatsink and shaft with hex start, heat sink cylinder head and 90 degree exhaust adaptor.


Length (less rotor)
640 mm
260 mm 
Main Rotor diameter 720 mm
Fuel tank
4 oz
0.95 Kg
Leo .15 cu in  (2.5 cc)
Reductions 1:8.5:4.95
Autorotation Standard
Radio Six channel with five servo's
Contro ECCPM

Align T-rex 450 SE