Align T-rex 250 (2008)



 Length  431 mm
 Height  145 mm
 Main Rotor Dia  460 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  108 mm
 Engine 250MX (3600KV)
Brushless Motor
 Gear  1:8:4.28
 Full Equipped Weight  250 g
Manual TREX250


Bought new in Nov 08 and was one of the first T-rex 250's in the country so suffered the 'jamming' tail rotor control associated with the separate bearing tail blade holder design.  Needless to say it suffered damaged and took quite a few weeks to get the spares and convert it to the later common double row bearing which did not jam up.  Up to Jul 09 I had only flown indoors but it was an amazing little machine and my reactions took a big jump especially with respect to unusual positions (the helicopter that is).  If I had tried flying this a year earlier then it would not have lasted 5 minutes though at that time I still had not the 'nads' to flip it, that would wait until I had tried it outdoors where there would be more room for things to go 'wrong'.

In Sep 09 it was upgraded with Align CF tapered blades and they did make the pitch a little sharper and I had tried it outside a couple of times but not felt comfortable especially over water.  Don't get me wrong, everything was very positive but it was super quick to react and could quickly get to some serious speeds.  It was this aspect that gave me unease as I could envisage just losing it for a split second then not recovering and 'splash' into the water.  Interesting point in that I was talking to the owner of a model shop I frequent a short while later and he told me everybody he had sold a T-rex 250 to had crashed them, usually quite badly (though repair costs are cheap).  It was not one for 'oldies' or those of 'nervous' disposition so sold it on to a youngster with a better chance of coping.