KDS Innova 450

Length 640 mm
Height 220 mm
Main Blade length 315 mm (710 mm)
Tail Rotor dia. 155 mm
Total Weight 870 g
Gear Ratio 11.5:1:4.25
Engine Scorpion HK5020-1880KV

Manual Innova 450  

There are two helicopters released at the same time which are 450SD and 450BD. As you can immediately imagine that the  SD stands for "Shaft Driven" vs BD stands for "Belt Driven". Belt Driven is good for beginner to intermediate level players because it is easier for maintenance. While the "Shaft Driven" provides faster response for 3D Flying.

  • New style rotor head design enables you to adjust the flexibility of helicopter at will. It is also more suitable for 3D aerobatics flight.
  • The full fuselage features streamline design. It cleverly utilizes frame space and also creates a minimalistic beauty.
  • Utilize bevel gear driving enhancing the driving efficiency of helicopter significantly.
  • New tail blade control set utilizes ball joints connecting method, which makes the heading hold function play fully.


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