KDS Agile 7.2



  Length  1370 mm
  Height  420 mm
 Main Blade length
 690-713 mm
 Tail Blade length
 105-115 mm
 Total Weight  5600 g
 Gear Ratio  9.37:1:4.75
 Engine  500-540 KV brushless


Manual Agile 7.2


  • Agile 7.2 was designed to offer something different; not just an improvement but a head start over what is commonly done.
    Agile 7.2 was created to fit each type of flight: Low to high speed, soft to hard 3D maneuvers and those not yet imagined!
  • Clever solutions were used to provide top-notch performance with very responsive controls,
    thus giving a feeling of incredible strength and outstanding smoothness of motion.


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