KDS Chase 360



  Length  690 mm
  Height  200 mm
 Main Blade length
 360 mm
 Tail Blade length
 62 mm
 Total Weight  1100 g
 Gear Ratio  18T(12.34:1:4.73)
 Engine Scorpion HK5020-1880KV


Manual Chase 360
  • Chase 360, designed in Australia by Glen Kimpton. Offering an entirely new concept in remote control helicopters.
  • Dual stage belt drive reduction system. Totally eliminating gears for extremely quiet, strong, rigid and vibration free operation.
  • Optimized 120 degree CCPM servo geometry provides the most consistent cyclic control possible, providing elegant,
    fast and stable 3D performance.
  • Design focus on Center of Gravity location was paramount, combined with low moment of inertia for unsurpassed 3D performance!
  •  Strong crash resistant components like; larger bearings, 8mm hollow main shaft, 5mm spindle and 4mm tail shaft.
    Designed to keep you flying not repairing.
  • Quick release battery system for instant changes without removing the canopy. -And much more waiting for you to discover.
    Chase 360 was designed to offer something different, not just an improvement but a head start above what is commonly done.
    Chase 360 – responsive controls that just can’t go wrong.


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