KDS Agile 5.5



  Length  1120 mm
  Height  350 mm
 Main Blade length
 550 mm
 Tail Blade length
 92 mm
 Total Weight  3500 g
 Gear Ratio  8.89:1:3.86
 Engine  1100KV brushless


Manual Agile 5.5

The Agile has been designed to offer something different, not just an improvement, but a step ahead of what
is commonly done. The Agile was created to adapt to every type of flight: low to high speed,
gentle maneuvers, Hard to 3D unimaginable level!

Intelligent solutions have been used to provide high-end performance with very sensitive controls,
giving a feeling of incredible strength while maintaining softness in movement.

To ensure that nothing is left to chance and bring you the best overall design, hundreds of test flights
were carried out by experienced drivers.

Agile is agility AND quality, you can’t go wrong!


  • Agile5.5_005
  • Agile5.5_006
  • Agile5.5_007
  • Agile5.5_008
  • Agile5.5_009