Hirobo BBC Stork (1986)


 Full Length of Fuselage  1240 mm
 Rotorhead  Hirobo scale
 Main Rotor Dia  1340 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  250 mm
 Engine OS-EX46VF-H
 Full Equipped Weight  4000 g



BBC Stork build manual
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BBC - BBZ Stork part list  -  1991 version with cross reference list



An 'intermediate' sized trainer for a specially manufactured 46 size engine initially with a wheeled tricycle type 'aeroplane' undercarriage that allowed rolling landing.  However; it proved more of a nuisance when learning to hover as the helicopter would roll over much too easily and hit the blades.  An unusual feature was the belt drive for the cooling fan which was 'geared' up to run faster than on engine mounted fan making it smaller but more efficient than the standard type of layout; however, if the belt failed it would overheat very quickly causing engine seizure.  This feature also gave the helicopter a unique sound when running and quite loud 'rattling' sound at idle due to the plastic clutch being driven by a plastic 'hex'; disconcerting for the owner the first time the helicopter was run up.
The Storks OS EX46VF-H engine constantly starts backwards and spits out fuel from the carburetor. As the carburetor is on the opposite side, the fuel does not drain out via the cooling air, so the chassi soon becomes soaked in oil. The trick is to ignore the clutch clappering and gently lower the throttle until the enginge is about to die. Suddenly it turns direction. Works every time.

 Stork SE kit introduced in 1989.


As can be seen above, a lot of Stork owners removed the tricycle U/C and fitted the normal skid set and Hirobo also stopped making the tricycle model.

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Hirobo BBZ Stork (1989)

1989 Catalogue photo 1990 catalogue photo

  Relationship of BB-SS range and scale bodies in 1989.


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