Hirobo Mini-Star 025 (1981)

1983 advert


 Full Length of Fuselage  870 mm
 Rotorhead  fix Pitch
 Main Rotor Dia  900 mm
 Tail Rotor Dia  200 mm
 Engine  OS25 / ENYA25
 Full Equipped Weight  2100 g


Mini-Star build manual 


Hirobo first started out with large scale helicopters followed by the '40' size Falcon trainer range then in 1981 produced a smaller '25' size trainer in order to appeal to a larger market and provide a reduced cost entry into RC Helicopter flying.  The Mini-Star would appear to have been a 'clone' of the GMP Cricket being produced less than a year after a GMP Cricket had been sent to Hirobo for evaluation (which itself was a 'clone' of the MM Lark).  Had the unusual feature of a slightly 'bent' upwards tail boom that raised the tail rotor a little higher thereby reducing tail strikes.  Fixed pitch with Bell-Hiller control system.

  • Mini-Star - 01
  • Mini-Star - 02
  • Mini-Star - 03
  • Mini-Star - 04
  • Mini-Star - 05
  • Mini-Star - 07
  • Mini-Star - 08


 In later years when spares were not easy to find, the booms were replaced with more readily available 'straight' alternatives.

Hirobo Mini-Star Hughes 300

1983 advert

  • Hughes_300_005
  • Hughes_300_010
  • Hughes_300_015

There was even a reasonable scale kit of the Hughes 300 based on mini-Star mechanics.

  • Ministar_Hughes_300_0016
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_005
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_006
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_007
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_008
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_009
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_010
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_011
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_012
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_013
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_014
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_015
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_017
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_018
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_019
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_020
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_021
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_022
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_023
  • Ministar_Hughes_300_024

Hirobo Mini-Star Hughes 500 / JetRanger

The mini-star proved to be very popular though not so much in the UK as the MM Lark and Heli-Baby were much cheaper with better spares support however, it was followed by a couple of scale 'hang on' bodies.


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