Hirobo Vertol KV107 (1988)



Full Length of Fuselage  970 mm
 Width  320 mm
 Height  400 mm
 Rotorhead  Hirobo 3 blade
 Main Rotor Dia  2 x 1050 mm
 Engine  0.32-0.46
 Full Equipped Weight  4350-4800 g



Vertol build manual  -  Manual
for early mechanical mixing
Vertol review June 1988
Bericht RC Helikopter

1989 flying shots -


Vertol prototype 1983

As can be seen the gestation period for this model was five years from the first display in Japan as a work in progress to releasing as a finished product.  It is suspected that the development work did not actually take this long as the prototype model looks nearly the same as the production version and gyro's were readily available though quite bulky.  It is more likely the model was withheld until market research indicated this level of complication would be accepted otherwise what would be the point bringing out a model nobody would want or buy.   

   1992    1995   

Once released it was a successful twin rotor design that employed a complicated 'mechanical' mixer system, designed for the OS32 but this proved to be marginal in warm weather.  Later upgraded in order to take the fitting a 46 size.

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  • Vertol - 2007-12 - LH side
  • Vertol - 2007-12 - RH side
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  • Vertol_020
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Hirobo CH-46 Vertol (2006)

 2006 updated model

Brought up to date with electronic mixing (eccpm) and 50 size engine.


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