GMP - Cricket (1980)


 Length   1200 mm
 Height   -
 Main Rotor Dia   1350 mm
 Tail Rotor Diameter.   -
 Total Weight   2700 g / 6 Lbs
 Gear Ratio   -
 Engine   .40 cu in  (6.5 cc)



Cricket Manual



Pod and boom fixed pitch trainer based on the British micro-Mold Lark for 25 size engines.  Initial heads were for single blade mounting to give an element of lead/lag however, this had to be set up correctly and was especially critical for correct blade CG otherwise vibration and unstable control occurred.  To simplify matters the design was changed to a twin bolt configuration which locked the head and gave better handling.


Cricket set up  -  1980 instructions for setting up and flying

Cricket Bulletin 04  -  1981 updates and general hints

Cricket Bulletin 05  -  1981 updates and general hints

Cricket review  -  1981 review by Field and Bench

Helipad -  Helicopter column Dec 1982 Radio Modeller by John Heaton; a general review of the GMP Cricket, not considered the best of machines considering UK cost (due to importing) and the 'expanded' claims.

1984 advert.

Cricket cooling upgrade kit

Tail control upgrade kit

Tail blade holder upgrade kit

Cricket review by Colin Cameron-Tough from 1983 Radio Controlled helicopters.

Cricket review  -  1985 review by Dick Tristao    

Cricket review  -  1988 review Courtesy Model Helicopter World

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  • 1983-09 - GMP Cricket hovering
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  • Cricket hovering shot LH rear
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GMP Cricket Developments

Cricket with Bell-Hiller head and collective pitch???

 The development of the Cricket included a prototype head incorporating Bell-Hiller mixing though J Gorman has indicated that a collective pitch head was not developed even as a prototype.  The above photo may indicate that perhaps this was not so though there are no proven details about the model.